How can one person—or one anything—change the world?

"Our only security is our ability to change" –JC Lilly

It takes big ideas, to be sure, but it also takes more than that. It takes a personal or corporate culture that fosters innovation and problem-solving. It takes a certain sense of showmanship—a commitment to always be demonstrating those big ideas and proving their mettle. Over the last three decades, michael hageloh has exemplified each of these traits time and time again, both in his personal life and in his corporate positions.

michael is known for the 22 years he spent inside Apple, from its formative years up through the "i" years. Always framed in authentic conversations with a distinctive rhythm.

michael can speak with authority on the culture in an organization and the powerful results that can be attained through the recognizing, fine tuning and external manifestation of it. Remember, every word represents your culture. Are you a culture driven organization or do you just have people?

We invite you to read his personal blog.

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