How can one person—or one anything—change the world?

"Our only security is our ability to change" –JC Lilly

As a rainmaker with 22 years inside Apple, from an engineering start to living Apple's looming bankruptcy, to the return of Steve, to marketing the first "i" products to a skeptical world, to startups, I have had the chance to make a lasting difference for industry icons and outliers alike.

I have generated nearly a $1B in results-measured in revenue, partnerships, and now gifts-by knowing how to get the right partners to the table and inspire an innovative look at shared challenges.

Since my Apple journey, I decidedly took shorter excursions for broader experiences-think different-with an international software company, an Israeli startup, a STEM startup with global impact, appointments in higher education including corporate relations, and a $30M gift team. Recently, I was driving alliances for an acquisition of an Atlanta-based, UK-owned software (SaaS) and interactive device developer to a Hong Kong entity.

I pride myself in seeing around corners and influencing what is coming down the pipeline.

Never fearing the change; instead, driving the change.

Steve famously said to us, "The journey is the reward." The journey is not the reward; it is a reward. I have found rewards in philanthropy, fundraising, producing unseen partnerships, to merely helping.

Thank you for your time here.

"blog on" is from my real-world experiences, my journey, my experiences, my show, if you will.

Enjoy the show, remember this thing we call life, is not a rehearsal.

michael hageloh

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