michael hageloh

How can one person—or one company—change the world?

"Selling is the tuning fork of ideas, sales is when you achieve harmony"

It takes big ideas, to be sure, but it also takes more than that. It takes a personal or corporate culture that fosters innovation and problem-solving. It takes a certain sense of showmanship—a commitment to always be selling, marketing those big ideas and proving their mettle. Over the last three decades, michael hageloh, the creator of the Rhythm-Selling System, has exemplified each of these traits time and time again, both in his personal life and in his corporate positions.

A rare authority on Apple, the greatest sales company ever, michael is a world-changer to be sure, and he has accomplished big things through fairly modest tools—which are the principles behind Rhythm-Selling as a system: Such old-fashioned values as superior product development, stalwart customer service, and a ceaseless devotion to a company culture of selling. michael is best known for the 22 years he spent inside Apple, from its formative years up through 2010. During this time he became one of the company’s all-time global sales leaders, generating almost a billion dollars ($1B) in overall revenue, and led Apple’s education division to new horizons and bold achievements. Always framed in authentic conversations with a distinctive rhythm.

In addition, michael sold for Adobe and served at other worthy tech startups. Today he applies his unique perspective to his work as he delivers his Rhythm Selling keynotes globally.

michael can speak with authority on the culture in an organization and the powerful results that can be attained through the recognizing, fine tuning and external manifestation of it. Remember, every word represents your culture. Are you a selling organization or do you just have sales people?

This page offers some insights into who michael is and what he has accomplished as an author, a keynote speaker, and a successful jack of many trades and master of only one: selling. We invite you to read his personal blog and learn how to retain michael as a sales event host or keynote speaker. See what Rhythm Selling can do for your culture today. For more information, or to book michael for an event, please contact us today.

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