Michael Hageloh, Author of ‘Live from Cupertino’

“How can one person—or one anything—change the world?”

Throughout his 22 years at Apple, during the company’s rise, fall, and rise, Michael Hageloh was an integral part of the iconic brand’s story. Since then, his time in the startup world beyond Apple has continued to inspire him to “think different.” These experiences have given him the opportunity to make a lasting difference for industry icons and outliers alike.

Michael Hageloh knows how to get the right partners to the table and inspire them to take an innovative look at shared challenges. He started at Apple as an engineer, lived through its looming bankruptcy, experienced the return of Steve Jobs, and marketed the first “i” products to a skeptical world. He prides himself on seeing around corners and influencing what is coming down the pike. Rather than fearing change, he drives it.

“Our only security is our ability to change”

– JC Lilly

Michael Hageloh is a rainmaker who has generated nearly $1B in revenue, partnerships, and gifts. He has worked with an international software company, an Israeli startup, a STEM startup with global impact, and higher education institutions, in positions including corporate relations and serving on a $30M gift team. Most recently, Michael has driven alliances behind the acquisition of an Atlanta-based, UK-owned software as a service (SaaS) and interactive device developer by a Hong Kong entity.

Steve Jobs famously said, “The journey is the reward,” but in Michael Hageloh’s experience, the journey is but one of many rewards. He has found rewards in philanthropy, fundraising, and partnership development, not to mention merely helping others whenever he can.

Michael Hageloh has documented his life experiences and lessons in his book Live from Cupertino and continues to share his journey — his “show” — through his website, Blog On.

“Remember, this show we call life is not a rehearsal, so make every performance count.” — michael hageloh

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